Phew! Coast sighs with relief after summer rush

After one of the busiest summers in recent memory, the coast along the Great Ocean Road between Torquay and Lorne let out a sigh of relief after the summer rush that was almost palpable.

It was a massive summer with huge numbers of holiday makers and visitors enjoying all that the coast offers in the way of relaxation and recreation, tourism, major events and other coastal attractions.

The number of people along the coast during December and January certainly put increased pressure on beaches, car parks, toilets and other coastal facilities. It was therefore no surprise to almost hear the coast breathing a sigh of relief as soon as the 2010 school year started, which coincided with many people also returning to work.

Despite the added pressures, the coast generally coped well with the summer hordes thanks to the efforts of many people who played a role in helping to look after the coast during its busiest time.

GORCC’s employees were put under the pump from Boxing Day onwards but coped admirably with the pressure.

Our outdoor works team did a sterling job working from dawn seven days a week to ensure beaches, foreshore areas and facilities were clean, and any damage repaired so that beachgoers could experience a safe and enjoyable time.

With our caravan parks in Torquay and Lorne both fully booked right through to just after Australia Day, our caravan parks crew also did a first-rate job to ensure campers enjoyed their stay with us.

In addition, many coastal volunteers, community groups, local residents and others did their bit to help care for the coast, for example by picking up their rubbish – and often other people’s rubbish too!

To everyone who played a role in looking after the coast this summer – no matter how big or small – on behalf of GORCC and the coast, I say a very big and heartfelt thank you.

As more and more people visit and use the coast, we all need to do what we can to respect and care for the coast, and to minimise the negative impacts we humans can have on our beautiful, precious natural coastal environment.

While we enjoy the coast, let’s remember that we need to look after it too!

Posted by David Clarke, CEO

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