Head out now to look out on our spectacular coast!

Winter is a great time for exploring our beautiful coast at a relaxed and leisurely pace without having to contend with the summer hordes. We love rugging up and heading out on foot, on bike or in the car to take in some of the truly spectacular views on offer from numerous look-outs along the coast.

Here’s some of our favourite look-out spots for winter whale-watching, surf-checking, contemplating or just taking in our coast in all its glory.

  • Point Danger – a fantastic place to look-out over the coast in Torquay. Bird Rock look-out, Jan Juc
  • Bird Rock (right) – sensational views over Jan Juc from an innovative purpose-built look-out, reminiscent of a ship’s bow.
  • Anglesea Hill – a small pull-in bay just out of Anglesea, which offers wonderful views over Anglesea and Point Roadknight, and back towards Point Addis.
  • Hutt Gully – gobsmackingly beautiful views on the drive out of Point Roadknight heading towards Aireys Inlet and Lorne. The vista of the coast, Split Point lighthouse, Lorne and the Otways always takes one’s breath away. Eagle Rock, Aireys Inlet
  • Split Point (right) – another reason to visit Aireys Inlet’s lighthouse precinct. Overlooks the Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary and is ruggedly beautiful.
  • Airey’s Inlet Clifftop Walk – there’s no need to rush along this popular walking track, given the great views on offer along its length.
  • Teddys Look-oTeddys look-out, Lorneut (right) – breathtaking views from Queens Park in Lorne over the St George River estuary and Great Ocean Road.
  • Tramway Track – the old horse-drawn tramway route, once used to transport logs from the Otways to the Port of Lorne, is now a walking track that affords magnificent viewing points high above the Great Ocean Road – and an insight into the history of our coast.
  • Lorne Pier – walk to the end of the pier and soak up the sights and sounds of this must-see destination, including different perspectives of the Lorne township, the Otways and the coast towards Aireys Inlet. Gorgeous!
  • Anywhere high in Lorne – wherever you go here, you see yet another side of our coast. Just fabulous.

These are but a few of the many spots on offer – and we love them all year round, not just in winter. What’s your favourite spot for looking-out over our coast? Post a comment to this blog and tell us!

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