Adopt a roadside near you!

We’ve all considered adopting a pet, but have you ever considered adopting that piece of roadside you drive past each day?

Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria and VicRoads have been running the Adopt a Roadside program for 30 years. The program was initially called Adopt a Highway. The program involves individuals, organisations, community groups and businesses who help to maintain a section of roadside in regional Victoria.

What does it involve?

Adopting a piece of roadside will enable you to look after an area of roadside near you.  It is your responsibility to ensure that, that area remains litter and weed free. It’s not a demanding job, just something you can do every now and then with a groups friends or colleagues to help the environment.

Be the first in your area

The program currently has over 90 registered groups. As yet there are no groups on the Surf Coast. If you’ve been wondering what you can do in your area to help the environment the Adopt a Roadside program is a perfect way to contribute.

Our coastal environment makes looking after the roadside very important this program helps to stop pollutants from entering local waterways, improves the quality of vegetation and prevents soil degradation and erosion.

If you would like to register an Adopt a Roadside Group call Gary Mogford on (03) 8626 8794

More information

Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria

Adopt a Roadside

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