Heart of coast restored by hand

Jan Juc Coast Action will work with local volunteers throughout a two year project to restore grasslands atop the Jan Juc cliffs.

Jan Juc Coast Action hopes the Jan Juc grasslands restoration will have the same success as the Grassy Groundcover Restoration Project which spanned three years and restored native grasslands across Victoria.

“The Grassy Ground Cover Restoration Project demonstrated that it is possible to recreate grasslands,” said native grasslands expert Paul Gibson Roy.

Jan Juc Coast Action Chairperson, Luke Hynes, said the project is to begin in late August.

“Grasslands are a vegetation type that has been severely depleted across Victoria.

 “Grasslands are a vegetation type that has been severely depleted across Victoria.

“We should be trying to maintain and enhance the grassland areas of the Jan Juc cliffs as there are only a few examples of this vegetation type remaining,” said Mr Hynes.

The project is based on the techniques developed by Mr. Gibson Roy.

“There is less than one per cent of native grasslands remaining, they could be considered one of the most endangered species in Australia,” said Mr. Gibson Roy.

Jan Juc Coast Action will use the same techniques used in the Grassy Ground Cover Restoration to restore the Jan Juc grasslands.

Mr Hynes said the grassland restoration involves taking off the top 10 to 15 cm of soil which will remove the high level nutrient soil and any weed seed in the soil.

“We will then reseed back into the exposed soil with native grassland seeds.

“The low nutrient, weed seed free soil should provide a great substrate for the native grasslands species to thrive,” said Mr Hynes.

Volunteers have been actively involved the Grassy Groundcover Restoration project and the Jan Juc Coast Action Grasslands Restoration.

“Volunteers are incredibly important. Most of our research was undertaken on farms and public land and the project relied heavily on farmers and the community, “said Mr Gibson Roy.

Learn more about coastal volunteering in this Coast Action/Coastcare video clip.


Mike Bodsworth, Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC) Coastal Project Manager said that GORCC is supportive of Jan Juc Coast Action’s initiative.

Jan Juc Coast Action working bees take place on the first Sunday of each month

For more information on Jan Juc Coast Action click here or if you would like to volunteer contact Luke Hynes ph. 0406 113 438 or email luke@beaconecological.com.au

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This column bought to you by the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee, to visit the  GORCC website click here.

This article appeared in the Surf Coast Times Tuesday 23 August 2011

Are you or anyone you know involved in the Jan Juc grasslands restoration?

Are you interested in coastal volunteering?

Do you know of any other environmental projects happening on the Surf Coast?

Let us know your thoughts and opinions!

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