An update on our little ‘Hoodies’

Hooded Plover photo taken by Dean Ingwersen

Hooded Plover chicks face many threats including feral animals, dogs and accidental trampling by beachgoers.

Mr. Bodsworth said GORCC has erected bigger signs in the no dog zone in an effort to get coastal users to do the right thing.

“The area is fenced, but unfortunately there has been continual issues with some people not adhering to the regulations and signs in place,” he said.

It’s important we all look out for ‘Hoodies’ along the coast to ensure chicks such as those at Point Roadknight are protected from threats.

Want more information?

More on Hooded Plovers click here

Volunteering with Birdlife Australia click  here.

Read an article about Hooded Plovers which appeared in the Surf Coast Times here.

Here’s something to think about.

Have you seen the Hooded Plovers at Point Roadknight or spotted any other ‘Hoodies’ on the coast?

Are you interested in volunteering to help protect the ‘Hoodies’?

We’d love to hear about your experiences with our little ‘Hoodies’.

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