Great Ocean Road GPS App

Gone are the days when we had to read outdated maps and sift through hundreds of brochures to find out valuable information on our favourite tourist destinations.

A new App called the Great Ocean Road GPS Tour  has been designed for those who both love the Great Ocean Road and technology.

As you travel along the Great Ocean Road in a westerly direction,  the App will act as your own personal guided tour whilst providing you with audio-visual material at specific locations along the route.

This GPS App will help you navigate your way along the beautiful coastline of the Great Ocean Road.

General Information

  • Cost: $6.49
  • Released: 30 March 2012
  • Size: 104 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: MetroView Systems Pty Ltd
  • Compatability: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. (Requires version iOS 3.1.2 or later)

Where can I find out more?

For further information, please visit the Apple store at

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Have you used the new GPS App? Give us your reviews and let us know how well it worked for you!

4 thoughts on “Great Ocean Road GPS App

  • I bought this App to plan my Great Ocean Road trip, but you can only use if once you are on the road. Can’t see how long it will take to drive the road, where you should stay or anything. Not very helpful at all. Waste of money. You also need to buy Metro View which is another $16. Worst travel App I’ve ever downloaded. Don’t bother.

    • This is a classic example of how an ill-informed blogger can convey mis-information that is both inaccurate and incorrect. My partner and I have done this tour of the Great Ocean Road using this app and it’s brilliant. Firstly, Google maps will guide you to the beginning of the tour on the Westgate Bridge and for the entire length of the tour and you do NOT need to purchase MetroView navigation even though it’s a great option. Also, the app is peppered with quality places to stay all along the tour route, from Geelong through to Warrnambool. How long it takes you is entirely up to you – isn’t that the whole purpose of a relaxed driving tour? We’ve had friends do it and they loved it and recommend it as highly as we do. This is a driving app – to be used on the drive, not as a tool to plan the tour when sitting at the kitchen table. Clearly this blogger did not understand the app’s intended purpose.

  • We have built a Great Ocean Road App. It has over 170 places to stay and you can book online from your phone. It also has over 250 things to do, places to surf, waterfall, walks + more. You can even find ATMs, public toilets and tourist information offices. It is FREE! It has been researched and built by a team of people who actually live on the Great Ocean Road. Android App out soon too!

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