Sustainable careers in focus

Are you or someone you know unsure of what career path to take? Or are you just looking for a new way to increase your employability in the workforce?  It seems that careers with a sustainable focus are the next big thing.

Higher education institutions are offering an increasing number of sustainability focused courses to meet the growing demand in the job market.

The Gordon TAFE offers a number of courses that have an environmentally sustainable emphasis.

The Gordon Tafe is just one of the higher education institutions taking advantage of the trend, offering courses with an environmental emphasis such as a Diploma of Sustainability, Sustainable Tourism Management, and Carbon Accounting and Management.

All of these courses will prepare students for a greener future by incorporating valuable sustainability knowledge.

Skill centre manager for sustainable innovation Darren Gray is delighted with the Gordon’s cently accredited and certified Carbon Accounting and Management course.

“We are very proud of this course and it involves the critical skills needed in order to achieve a low-carbon economy,” he said.

The Gordon Culinary School

In 2010 and 2011, the Gordon worked in partnership with Sustainability Victoria in an Australian TAFE first to encourage environmental sustainability in their culinary school’s operations through the case study- A Life Cycle Approach to Sustainable Service.

Check out their case study here for more information.

The Gordon’s ‘Life Cycle’ approach strives to create behaviour change with their culinary school students.

This initiative was established to decrease the culinary school’s environmental footprint in several areas including reduction of waste, energy, packaging and water usage.

Program manager Wayne Chrimes said the Life Cycle Approach is at the fore front of sustainability design, becoming a strong focus within many industries.

“Whilst we are minimising environmental impacts across our training facilities, the culinary school is also educating students and industry on how to employ sustainable practices for both short and long-term benefit,” he said.

“By embedding sustainability across the Gordon’s culinary school,  we are creating behaviour change with today’s students who are the up and coming industry leaders of tomorrow.”

Gordon TAFE Redevelopments

The Gordon  also planning to undertake a $26 million redevelopment of its East Geelong Campus and is now seeking funding to support the project.

The redevelopment will house the Gordon’s Centre for Sustainability along with other new facilities that include a new training patisserie kitchen, which will integrate key ideas from the Life Cycle Approach.

If you are thinking of a career with a sustainable focus, some hands on experience might be just the ticket to boost your resume.

There are a number of environmental volunteer groups on the coast who would love to hear from you and you become a regular participant, or just help out when or where you can.

Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to build your skills and knowledge, as well as a hands on way to make a real difference to our precious coastal environment.

It’s a great addition to your resume, and for those interested in a career in environmental management or conservation, it’s the perfect way to gain experience and make valuable contacts.

Where can I find more information?

For more information of the Gordon’s courses, check out their website at

If you are interested in environmental volunteering on the coast, check out all the groups operating in our region here.

Or, to learn more, watch the video below on environmental volunteering on the coast.

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