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From board games to brain teasers, puzzles to excursion maps; you will be amazed by the richness of the coast and discover heaps along the way!

Students from Aireys Inlet Primary School enjoying the fun activities GORCC has created

As much as we love a day on the beach swimming and surfing, sometimes the weather doesn’t allow it.

So if you’re faced with a rainy day, why not take a look at GORCC’s new interactive suite of activities which range from board games to brain teasers and puzzles to excursion maps.

Schools and families can now access free, printable activities offering fun ways for all ages to learn about the local environment either from the comfort of their home or classroom or out and about on the coast.

GORCC Community Liaison Manager Jane Rowlands said the activities would suit kids of all ages, at school and at home.

“The activities are a fun, accessible and educational option for those wet weather days when swimming isn’t an option, for inspiration in the classroom or when you want to add a little bit of interest to your coastal walk,” she said.

Ms. Rowlands said the activities were designed to cover a breadth of education topics, raise environmental awareness and promote discussions with others.

There are so many ways to get involved with the coast, one being the Environmental Education Program for schools and groups offered through GORCC.

Some Geelong Lutheran College Students taking part in GORCC’s Environmental Education Activities Program

Giving back to the environment is rewarding as is making new friends with other volunteers whilst protecting and enhancing the coast.

For more information on volunteering click here

To access the free, printable education activities click here

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