Rubbish dumping still a threat to our coast

Illegal rubbish dumping continues on our coast with more hard rubbish being found at Point Impossible, Torquay earlier this week.

Image taken by one of GORCC’s outdoor workers of the pile hard rubbish found at Point Impossible

Whilst most of the community are careful when it comes to disposing of their rubbish in the correct places, there are still some that seem to turn a blind eye to the law.

GORCC Coastal Reserves Manager Rod Goring said a trailer must have dumped the rubbish because of the huge amount of material that was found.

“There was a huge amount of hard rubbish: mattresses, tables, chairs, even an old grandfather clock,” he said.

“Point Impossible is the starting point for the Surf Coast Walk and a very popular area, so its not sending a great message to visitors when we have garbage to greet them, but people should consider the consequences of illegal rubbish dumping at any point along the coast,” Mr. Goring said.

Mr. Goring said rubbish was detrimental to our beaches and coastal reserves.  “Waste affects not only the environment and coastal flora and fauna but is also damaging to the aesthetic of the coast,” he said.

The Surf Coast is lucky enough to be home to some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, with a little more care taken to remove rubbish they can remain this way – and be enjoyed by all.

You can get involved – help to clean up the coast by ensuring you dispose of waste responsibly.  To get even more hands on, you could assist a coastal, enviornmental volunteer group.

If you notice any illegal rubbish dumping or to report any rubbish or litter contact the GORCC office on 5220 5055, or the Surf Coast Shire on 5261 0600.


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