Market stall raises coastal awareness

Visitors to Torquay have been learning about protecting the coast and identifying wildlife as part of the Nightjar markets held during January.

Fun educational activities
Fun educational activities encouraging people to learn about our coast.

Free educational activities including everything from quizzes and puzzles to learning how to look after rare Hooded Plovers were enjoyed as part of an environmental education tent funded by the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee.

The tent was run by local environmental education group EcoLogic on behalf of the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee.

GORCC Education tent
The GORCC Environmental education tent.

EcoLogic Interpretation Officer Regina Gleeson said that the tent had been popular with children who enjoyed a variety of different activities.

“The attendance at the tent has been good and people have been interested in learning about protecting our beautiful coast,” she said.

“It’s nice that visitors to the coast can use this opportunity to learn about our precious coastline and how they can help look after it.”

The tent also provided people with an opportunity to learn more about environmental volunteering, caring for lost or injured wildlife and sand dune erosion.

Identifying threats to wildlife
Identifying threats to local wildlife.

Ms. Gleeson hoped that after visiting the tent, people would have an increased awareness of their environmental impact and be more inclined to care for what’s around them.

“It’s great that this is the one stall which focuses on looking after the coast. Hopefully people will take away with them the environmental messages we are promoting and will put them into practice when they get home,” she said.

An example of how we protect hooded plovers.
An example of how we protect hooded plovers.

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