Weed profile: Pincushion Hakea

Pincushion Hakea
Pincushion Hakea

Introducing the Pincushion Hakea:

I stand up to 4 metres tall and am considered a large dense shrub.  I have narrow elliptical green leaves and flower between March-May. I have a cousin who is sweet but I myself sting like a pin. I enjoy being carried by the wind and will invade your garden at any chance. Although I originate from Western Australia I am now found along the Surf Coast.

I’m a hard salt tolerant plant, which grows rapidly and can often be found along road sides. Although I am sensitive to fires, I threaten native plants when I regenerate. My cousin (with whom I share part of my scientific name) has pretty cream coloured flowers which could be mistaken as fairy floss. I,  however,  begin one colour but can become another.

What can you do to eradicate Pincushion Hakea?

Well, I don’t like having my seedlings pulled out one by one so that’s a good place to start. If I’ve grown to a large size (and I shall give it a go) cut me as close to ground level as possible so that it is harder for me to regenerate. If I do manage to regrow (and believe me I shall try to) treat my stump with a systemic herbicide so that I will be gone from your garden once and for all.

pincushion_hakea (SCShire)
Pincushion Hakea in bloom.

For more information about identifying and eliminating weeds in your garden, view GORCC’s introduction to weeds and vegetation or consult The Surf Coast Shires booklet Environmental weeds: Invaders of the Surf Coast Shire.

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