Ford motors toward healthier coast

Ford employees descended on the coast last month and planted over 1000 plants along the Anglesea River as part of their community service program.

Ford volunteers with Evan Francis from GORCC’s conservation team. Photo: Abhishek Sharma.

The 34 volunteers, who work in the Powertrain Installation subdivision of Ford, planted about 1000 Coastal Saltmarsh plants alongside the river in a Coastal Saltmarsh area.

The activities were led by the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC) as part of a range of environmental education and volunteering opportunities GORCC offers to schools and groups.

Ford Senior Development Engineer Alison Bridger said the activities formed part of the Ford 16 hour community service program and the eighth annual Ford Global Week of Caring.

“Ford Motor Company provides salaried employees with the opportunity to spend two days per year volunteering in the community.

“Our team of engineers planted trees, built protective fencing and learnt about the local Coastal Moonah Woodland restoration projects.

“Mike and Evan from the GORCC conservation team taught us about the types of trees we were planting and protecting and explained what an important part of the local coastal environment they are,” she said.

Ford volunteers planting at Anglesea. Photo: Abhishek Sharma.
Ford volunteers planting at Anglesea. Photo: Abhishek Sharma.

Ms Bridger said everyone enjoyed the chance to get out of the office for a day.

“The work was muddy and exhausting, but very satisfying.”

Anyone can get involved in coastal volunteering.  Its fun, a great way to meet people and it has health benefits too.

GORCC Coast Project Manager Mike Bodsworth said volunteering provides hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of assistance to GORCC each year, mainly through conservation work.

“It’s also a great way for us to build and maintain relationships with local people,” he said.

The many environmental volunteer groups that operate along the GORCC managed coast are always looking for more members, even those able to lend a hand for an hour or two.

“Volunteering is a perfect way to ‘give back’ to the coast you love.

“Getting outside, doing something worthwhile and getting your hands dirty also has multiple health benefits and brings a sense of satisfaction,” Mr. Bodsworth said.

For more information on coastal environmental volunteering visit or call 5220 5055.

This article appeared in the Surf Coast Times Green the Coast Column

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