Kinder coastal conservationists

Jan Juc pre-school students participated in a hands-on environmental education session in Jan Juc recently with the aim of fostering a life-long love for the coastal environment.

The activities, which were coordinated by the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC), are part of a free program designed to encourage others to understand and respect their beautiful coastal surroundings.

Conservation Team member Peter Crowcroft shows some kelp the Jan Juc Pre School kids

Teacher Jane Wilson said the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were able to better connect to where they live.

“The day gave the children lots of opportunities to build on their understanding of their world and learn about becoming responsible to care for their environment.”

“We discussed littering and all the reasons we need to take any rubbish home and leave only our footprints or the sand castles we make.”

beach day 045

GORCC Conservation Officer Georgie Beale said the children learnt about the marine and coastal environment and explored relationships between living and non-living things

“We also encouraged the kids to become more aware of change and the impact of human activity.”

The children also learnt about coastal vegetation, including the importance of habitat for birds and animals.

Pre schooler Georgie Wall with seaweed

Ms Beale said the GORCC education program offers schools and groups a practical way to make a difference to their environment and the skills and understanding to help protect and enhance the coast.

“We encourage children to be involved in practical experiences relating to their environment and helps them to feel connected to their world, and in this case, their unique and special back yard,” said Georgie.

“We want everyone to love, protect and enjoy our beautiful coast as much as we do and it’s great to have the opportunity to get the children involved in hands on learning about their local coastline.”

The GORCC Environmental Education and Activities Program is free and provides participants of all ages with opportunities to learn about and care for coastal environments. Activities are led by experienced conservation experts who have teaching experience and a wealth of knowledge about coastal environments.

For more information on GORCC’s Environmental Education Programs, click here. 

This article featured in the Surf Coast Times Green the Coast Column – check it out here.

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