Baby Hoodies on the Beach!

Two endangered Hooded Plover chicks have hatched at Eastern View and are striving to survive.

Great Ocean Road Coast Committee Conservation (GORCC) Officer Georgie Beale is urging all beachgoers to keep dogs on a leash, adhere to all signs, stay away from fenced nesting areas and enter the beach via designated pathways.

“Three precious chicks hatched last week and two are now thriving whilst one unfortunately died due to unknown circumstances.

“Unfortunately, the breeding habits of ‘hoodies’ put them at risk.

“The birds do not build nests, they breed during the busy summer season and any disturbance from people or animals drives the adult birds away from their chicks,” she said.

The two remaining Hoodies at Eastern View.
The two remaining Hoodies at Eastern View are striving to survive. PHOTO: Georgina Beale

GORCC has worked with volunteers and Birdlife Australia to rope off the nest area and install signs to ensure the chicks are protected.

Ms. Beale commended the volunteers, Birdlife Australia and the community for their enthusiasm and cooperation in helping to protect the chicks.

“The volunteers have also done a fantastic job in monitoring the chicks since they hatched.”

“Dog owners have been very cooperative and we have received a lot of support from beachgoers who stop to have a look,” she said.

An information session was held at the site over the long weekend to inform the public about the chick’s arrival and the importance of protecting them.

A telescope was set up on the site to give community members chance to view the Hoodies from a distance.

Despite the arrival of these precious new locals, the Hooded Plover is still very much endangered.  The species is already extinct in Queensland and northern New South Wales and in November 2010 there were only 569 adult birds left in Victoria.

For more information on the Hooded Plover, visit:

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