Eastern View Hooded Plovers fledge and fly away

Fabulous news. Two endangered Hooded Plover chicks have survived the danger period and fledged (taken to the skies).

The eggs and the flightless chicks had to last around 60 days without being trampled or eaten – not an easy feat for birds that nest on one of our busiest beaches in peak season!

Hoodie Chicks Eastern View
Too cute! The little chicks in their ‘flightless’ stage.

Its a great achievement by GORCC staff – especially our Conservation team, BirdLife Australia and local volunteers.  Together, we pulled out all the stops to  make sure these little cuties survived.

To make things difficult, the nest was in a dog zone so volunteers and Georgie Beale (GORCC Conservation Officer) put a massive amount of work into meeting and educating dog walkers.

This is the first time in three years that Hooded Plover chicks have fledged on our coast – a great effort by all.

Learn more about Hooded Plovers and how to get involved in their protection here.

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