Australia’s dirtiest beaches exposed!

Research conducted by the CSIRO has determined Australia’s dirtiest beaches.

The two year survey, which investigated over 175 beaches, revealed that Border Village, on the coast between Western Australia and South Australia was the dirtiest beach in Australia. Pearse’s Road Beach claimed the title of Victoria’s filthiest beach.

Beach detritus
Beach litter and marine debris are a serious issue. Follow some easy steps and will make a positive impact on the issue.

The CSIRO study revealed that more than 150 million pieces of litter across Australia’s coastline.

Plastics were found to be the most prominent form of litter across Australian beaches, which can have serious repercussions on marine wildlife and coastal environments.

Great Ocean Road Coast Committee Conservation (GORCC) Supervisor Georgie Beale believes this should be a reminder to keep our own local beaches pristine.

“While our coastal beaches are far better than some in terms of cleanliness, there is always room for improvement,” she said.

There are a numerous ways you can ensure the cleanliness of our beautiful beaches.

  • Dispose of waste correctly in the bins provided around the coast
  • Take your rubbish with you when leaving the beach
  • Dispose of recyclable material correctly
  • Ensure that fishing gear and supplies are not left behind on beaches
  • Report any entangled marine life
  • Join a local volunteer group on a beach clean up

“We all play a part in keeping our beaches pollution free for everyone to enjoy,” Ms Beale said.

Below is full a list of the dirtiest and cleanest beaches of each state in Australia:

  • New South Wales:
    Dirtiest: Shelly Beach, Manly
    Cleanest: Red Rock Beach, NSW North Coast
  • Northern Territory:
    Dirtiest: Cape Arnhem
    Cleanest: Cape Hay
  • Queensland:
    Dirtiest: Barney Point Beach
    Cleanest: Mackay
  • South Australia:
    Dirtiest: Border Village (SA)
    Cleanest: Nora Creina
  • Tasmania:
    Dirtiest: East Kangaroo Island (West Gulch)
    Cleanest: Cape Grim
  • Victoria:
    Dirtiest: Pearse’s Road Beach
    Cleanest: Gibbs Track Beach, Lakes Entrance
  • Western Australia:
    Dirtiest: Ellensbrook Beach
    Cleanest: 80 Mile Beach

For more information on keeping our coast clean and volunteer opportunities, click here.

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