Anglesea PS celebrates the plight of the plover

The first annual Plover Appreciation Day was held by BirdLife Australia on September 16 to encourage people across the globe to honour the plight of the plover.

Grade 4-6 Anglesea Primary School students celebrated the day with variety on fun, educational Hooded Plover related activities hosted by the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC).

The vulnerable Hooded Plover was the focus of the day for Anglesea Primary School students as it nests on local beaches along the Surf Coast.

GORCC aimed to increase student’s awareness about the fragility of the Hooded Plover in breeding season through activities including colouring ins, and creating banners, masks.

GORCC used the sand box to highlight the importance of the our beach ecosystem for the Hooded Plover to nest along the coast.

GORCC Education Coordinator Pete Crowcroft said it was great to see the students getting involved in the different activities.

“Students were really enthusiastic about painting the banners to help increase awareness about how to save the Hooded Plover,” he said.

Click on the photos below to see some of the action from the day.

In conjunction with BirdLife Australia, GORCC is running a local #SaveTheHoodie campaign to encourage beachgoers to keep their dogs on leads and give hoodie chicks space to help ensure their survival. For more information about how you can help protect these vulnerable birds visit the Save The Hoodie website.

Interested in getting involved?  To volunteer contact BirdLife Australia at

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