Wildlife streaming into conservation sites

Infrared cameras installed on GORCC coastal conservation sites are continuing to capture both native and invasive wildlife, with new footage streaming in.

A Swamp (Black) Wallaby was spotted in September this year. It is a common animal that lives along the East-coast of Australia. The Swamp Wallaby is different from other species of wallaby and has its own genus, Wallabia.

The monitoring program, which began in April this year, has been providing the GORCC conservation team with insightful information about the wildlife that inhabits the local area.

In the past two months native wildlife such as a Swamp Wallaby, and Echidna have been captured on the cameras.

The rare Rufous Bristlebird has also made number of appearances. The most recent being in October at Point Impossible.

A rare Rufous Bristlebird at Point Impossible.

GORCC Conservation Supervisor Georgie Beale said the footage was an important tool to understand and assess how local wildlife interacts with re-vegetated areas along the coast.

“Until we began monitoring with the infrared cameras, there was no way to fully confirm what rare species were living on the coast. The sightings are very encouraging and help guide GORCCs conservation strategies,” she said.

An Echinda scuttles by the camera at Point Impossible

Check out more of the wildlife that has been captured by the cameras in the gallery below.

Read more about the monitoring program and view more photos here.

Some unidentifiable fauna has been captured along the way… below is a video of an as yet unidentified animal – some say a rabbit, some say otherwise.

What type of animal do you think this is? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section!

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