Spotlight on Ghanda: Donating hoodies for hoodies

The 2015-16 Save The Hoodie competition is well under way and is being generously supported by two local businesses – Go Ride A Wave and Ghanda Clothing.

Ghanda has generously donated a hoodie (the clothing kind!) to be awarded to a monthly Save the Hoodie competition winner.


GORCC recently caught up with Ghanda owner Josh Rudd to find out why he became involved in the local effort to save these vulnerable beach-nesting shorebirds.

Tell us a bit about your business.

Josh: Ghanda is a clothing store with vibrant designs from the creativity of young designers out of Torquay. We are the only business left in Torquay with local manufacturing of garments.


Why did you choose to get involved in the Save the Hoodie campaign?

Josh: We love this coast and love the campaign to protect these birds, they are so cute!

What is your businesses philosophy on environmental protection?

Josh: We are guests of Mother Nature and we need to respect her home. We need to do everything we can to ensure we don’t annoy her!

What do you love most about the Surf Coast?

Josh: Clean air & coastline. I do a lot of international travel with work and there is nothing better than coming home to this coast.


As a clothing business that originated in Torquay, would you say the natural environment and coast influence your designs? 

Josh: For sure, our products are based around coastal living. They are easy to wear and relaxed fits. We like to design products that you want to wear living on the coast.

What does the Save the Hoodie campaign mean to you and your business? Why do you think it is important to support?

Josh: If there is anything our company can do to support the area we love so much we will do it for sure. In regards to the Save the Hoodie campaign this is something that humans can assist with. We can actually have a impact if we all are aware. Its a no brainer.

What message do you promote to clients who use the coast?

Josh: Respect the coast, respects its beauty and keep it in a natural state. Soak up the fresh air and the great walking trails and beaches. Most importantly don’t litter & if you have a dog pick up its poo!

For your chance to win some amazing prizes

  • Like/Follow Save The Hoodie on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter
  • Share the official ‘Hamish the Hoodie’ image (pictured below) with the hashtag #savethehoodie

Make sure you share to ‘Public’ and have your account set to public to be eligible

Save the Hoodie official comp image
The official ‘Hamish the Hoodie’ competition image.

More information and the terms and condition are available on the Save the Hoodie website.

Thanks to our partners BirdLife Australia (coordinators of the state-wide and national Hooded Plover recovery effort) and the local Friends of the Hooded Plover (Surf Coast) volunteers.

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