Cliffs – Be aware and take care

A recent cliff fall at Jan Juc beach has prompted land managers calls for extra caution near cliffs and dunes.

GORCC Environment and Education Manager Alex MacDonald urges people to take care around cliffs and sand dunes.

“Nature is unpredictable and coastal processes such as wind and tides constantly change the coastal structure.

“We urge people to be mindful of the changing conditions and take caution around clifftops and cliff fall areas,” she said.

“Cliffs edges collapsing is a common enough occurrence as these fragile cliffs are constantly standing up to the forces of nature and being eroded from the wind and tides.

jan-juc-cliff-september-2015GORCC urges the community to stay clear of the cliff edges and the cliff fall areas for personal safety.

Demon’s Bluff and the boatramp in Anglesea have experience high levels of erosion and have prompted safety concerns.

Stay up to date or have your say about the future plans for the Demon’s Bluff and Anglesea Boatramp areas on our website.

Mrs MacDonald said it was important everyone stays on the designated paths and tracks and obey all fencing and signage in the area.


“There are many safe pathways and viewing areas to enjoy the magnitude the beautiful Surf Coast scenery safely from,” she said.

For more track information visit the Surf Coast Walk facebook page.

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