Sands of time

Year 9 students from Geelong Lutheran College have teamed up with the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee to monitor the shifting sand movements caused by nature at Whites Beach.

img_0402Students will measure the impact tidal movements and stormy weather have at Whites Gap as part of the ‘Shifting Sands Monitoring’ project over the duration of the year as part of the Coast Guardians Program.

The hands-on approach allows students to gain a greater insight to the impacts of coastal movements in the area.

GORCC Education Activity Leader Hilary Bouma said the scientific approach to the program allowed students to understand the variables in monitoring.

img_0403“It is hoped through the Shifting Sands Monitoring project students will develop a more in-depth understanding about coastal processes which contribute to the changing environment.

“The hands on approach encourages students to see first-hand how science relates to the physical landscape and develop predictions based on past data.


Students record their results which will be compiled and interpreted later in the year.

Regular photos are being taken throughout the year at designated the poles to also have a visual recording of the changes.

Stay tuned to find out the results!

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