No boundaries for new museum

Torquay’s history knows no boundaries as local historians join forces to create an online museum to showcase the Torquay and surrounding districts development over the years.

One of the signs outlining Torquay history near the Spring Creek boardwalk.

The Torquay Museum Without Walls  team have created the online museum aimed to develop a comprehensive and easily accessible online history of region for people of all ages to use.

Former Great Ocean Road Coast Committee Coastal Reserves Manager, Rod Goring, said Toruqay Museum Without Walls inspired him to go digging through some of the old photos and compare the transformation of the coast during his decades managing the foreshore reserves.

The TMWW is a digital account of Torquay’s history which people can access anywhere, any time and includes pictures, databases, oral histories and videos.

The group hopes to create audio walking tours and smartphone apps in the future to make history relevant to everyone.

TMWW focuses on old history as well as new history, including stories about the 1970s and the hippie era of Torquay.

TMWW president Chris Barr said the museum will be of particular significance for students at Surf Coast Secondary College.

Ms Barr said the project needed community contributions to create a library of stories across all decades.

The website was officially launched in March 2016 and is proudly supported by the Torquay Community Enterprise and the Surf Coast Shire.

The website is still in its initial phase and will continue to expand their online content with the latest information on the Torquay region history.

Interested in finding out the regions history? Check out the TMWW Facebook page for all the latest historical findings! 

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