10 ways to protect the locals

The Hooded Plover is extremely sensitive to disturbances from humans, dogs and predators. Without human assistance, the Hooded Plover has a 2.5% chance of survival from chick to egg, which is why it is so important we all work together to #SaveTheHoodie.


If you’re sitting there thinking ‘how can I help?’, we’ve come up with the top 10 ways to help protect these threatened local birds:


1. Always walk close to the water’s edge

2. Observe the ‘Save the Hoodie’ signs – especially relating to dogs on beaches

3. Keep clear of fenced areas around nests

4. Keep dogs on a leash (or preferably completely out of breeding zones)

5. Make the choice to visit ‘hoodie-free’ beaches to give the birds space picture1

6. Help raise awareness about the plight of the Hooded Plover in the community 

7. Keep the beaches free from litter, especially small plastics which can be confused for food

8. Encourage others to stay away from breeding zones

9. Report all sightings of feral cats, dogs, or foxes in the area to the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee

10. Register to become a Hooded Plover Volunteer with Birdlife Australia 

Save the Hoodie - Official Image.jpg


These are just some of the ways you can help keep this precious bird alive. For more information about the #SaveTheHoodie campaign, go to http://www.savethehoodie.com.au or like the Save The Hoodie Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page.

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