MacKillop pays coast a visit

A group of Year 11 students from MacKillop College, Werribee visited the Surf Coast for their Outdoor and Environmental studies camp last week.

The group spent two days on the coast looking at the variety of uses including recreation, commercial, and conservation activities as part of their VCE studies.


The aim is to allow students to gain a different perspective on the natural environment and a unique appreciation through each user group activity.

MacKillop College Outdoor and Environmental Studies teacher Steven Holmes said the camp included an all hands on experience, to provide a practical understanding for the various theories studied in class. students-pull-weeds

“Students have completed several assessments about human impacts on the environment, particularly the coast, and during the two days on the coast, get to enhance their understanding through practical applications of the content,” he said.

Students participated in a number of different activities which included mountain bike riding, conservation work, horse riding and environmental talks.

GORCC Education Activity Leader Peter Crowcroft said coastal education was an important component to ensure the vitality of the environment for future generations.

“It is important for students to understand their impacts on the coast, and how they can easily contribute to sustaining the natural habitats and biodiversity in the area,” he said. luke-hynes-and-pete-crowcroft

GORCC offers schools and groups the opportunity to engage in hands on learning opportunities that will equip them with the knowledge and skills to work with, understand, respect, protect and enhance their beautiful coastal surroundings.

To find out more about GORCC’s free environmental education program, visit our website for all the details.

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