‘Coastal Stewards’ team up with Great Ocean Road Coast

The Queenscliff Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre‘s ‘Coastal Stewards’ program has partnered with Torquay College and Great Ocean Road Coast to promote coastal environment education, with a particular focus on dune ecosystems.

The year 4 students spent two days at Fishermans Beach to learn about the importance of dune ecosystems and help restore habitat to the area.


More than 140 students participated in the two day program run by the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre, with Great Ocean Road Coast as guest presenters.


Dune ecosystems was the main topic of discussion with students learning about human impacts on the dunes in a fun Lego demonstration.


Great Ocean Road Coast Education Activity Leader Hilary Bouma said the interactive Lego demonstration was a great way to showcase the real impacts humans have in the dunes.

“The little Lego figures help represent us humans, and we create a mock dune to let students see how fragile the dunes are when people trek through them daily,” she said.


A planting discussion and demonstration were held before students contributed to the dune ecosystem, planting several natives in the area.


To find out how your school can get involved in Great Ocean Road Coast’s environmental education programs, visit our website.

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