Do your bit for the coast this weekend

Hundreds of volunteers regularly dedicate their time and energy into helping protect, preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the Great Ocean Road’s flora and fauna every month, including members from the Surfrider Foundation.

A group of locals from the Surf Coast branch are once again taking to the beach to complete their bi-monthly clean-up this Sunday 12 February from 10am.

The group will often collect more than 30 kilograms of rubbish and debris during the morning clean up.

Great Ocean Road Coast Committee’s Conservation Supervisor Georgie Beale said the community clean-up efforts are a fantastic step in the right direction to help protect our beaches.

“It’s disappointing to see so much litter and debris on our coast every day despite an increase in education and other initiatives.

“The Surfrider Foundation, like so many volunteer groups along the coast, do a fantastic job reducing the environmental impacts from beachgoers,” she said.

Common items collected during the regular Surfrider Foundation’s clean-ups include cigarette butts, food wrappers and coffee cup lids.


“It is important we start using alternatives to single use plastics which includes buying coffees in keep cups, using a reusable drink bottle and taking green bags to the shops, as simple ways to help cut down litter on our coastline,” Ms Beale said.

Great Ocean Road Coast’s Environment and Education Manager Katie Dolling said volunteers made significant contributions to the management and enjoyment of the coastal landscapes.

“Without the support from the environmental groups and volunteers, our coast would not be in the condition it is for us all to enjoy,” she said.

More than 15 environmental volunteer groups are active along the Great Ocean Road coastline, and hold regular working bees.

”It would be great to see more people connect with the coast through the volunteer groups and help out where they can.   Volunteering is a fantastic way to foster a deeper connection with the local environment, meet like-minded people and enjoy the great outdoors in a fun, supportive way.”

“Whether it’s a beach clean-up, pulling weeds, replanting indigenous species, or watching over our threatened wildlife, every bit counts and makes our coast one of the most spectacular in Australia.”


The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of oceans, waves and beaches for all people worldwide. Surfrider has local branches all across Australia and the world to help look after the coast through their CARE motto: Conservation, Activism, Research and Education.

Meet at the Surf Life Saving Car Park at 10am – noon, Sunday 12 February to help clean-up Torquay Surf Beach and Spring Creek. More details at or email

Go to to find your local volunteer group and get involved.

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