Coastal retreat for Peace of Mind

More than 120 people including volunteers, nurses and Peace of Mind patrons made their way to the coast to participate in a variety of activities as part of the Peace of Mind Foundation’s family retreat for brain cancer last weekend.


The Foundation aims to support families affected by brain cancer through counselling and support, financial aid, in home support services and organising fun events and weekend retreats for patients and families.

The weekend offered Peace of Mind patrons and families an opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities including jet ski rides, muscle car rides, 4WD experiences, horse riding as well as jumping pillows, chocolate factory tours, performances from the Mik Maks, guest speakers and more.


Leigh Taylor, who played a key role in helping coordinate the event, said it was fantastic to see everyone enjoying themselves over the course of the weekend.

“It was absolutely heart-warming to see everyone having a good time and the whole weekend was a buzz.

“It was a massive weekend with so many feel good stories from both volunteers and families. We had kids who are battling brain cancer, some on borrowed time having an absolute ball, and that touched the hearts of us all.


“Dozens of local businesses donated their resources, time and support to the event to ensure it was a fantastic weekend for all,” he said.

Peace of Mind Founder and Director Rebecca Picone said “We are very proud to host Australia’s first ever Family Retreat for Brain Cancer here on the Surf Coast and it will be one of many more to come.

“The success of the event is largely due to the support of local volunteers and businesses all choosing to take part in our special cause and shine the spotlight on brain cancer awareness.


“The idea for the event started with Leigh’s offer to take patrons out four-wheel driving and it just got bigger and bigger from there,” she said.

Great Ocean Road Coast Committee Caleb Hurrell said the event was for a fantastic cause and was pleased to be able to help the Foundation with permits and parking on the coast.

“It’s great to see everyone getting out on the coast and in touch with the natural environment.”


Peace of Mind Foundation was created to help alleviate the everyday stresses by supplying not just monetary assistance but also hands on help at home, in hospital and throughout the whole journey.

There are many ways to get involved and help support the Foundation. To find out more or to donate go to

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