Fresh Air Kids – Term 1 | Week 4

The Fresh Air Kids is a group of local families that want their children to spend time in the great outdoors, learning through playing in nature.

A community partnership with the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee, Fresh Air Kids aims to encourage local coastal kids to grow up observing the environment in more detail than even most adults do.

Date | 28.03.2017

Participants: Noah, Claudia, Huey, Oliver, Dharma, Darci.

The whole excited bunch assembled for the final session of the term. It was a beautiful afternoon and we spent it making a giant model of a sand dune on the main Roadknight beach. We had the shovel and took it in turns to create a huge towering head high sandcastle. The next task was to cover it in seaweed to model what the real dunes look like, they are covered in vegetation!

model dune1

Modelling a Sand Dune

To mimic heavy rain we poured water over our model dune and showed that areas with vegetation were much more protected from erosion than those with just bare sand. We mimicked trampling by humans using our fingers, and pretty soon tracks opened up. The rushing water tore large cracks into our sand dune called ‘blowouts’ in a clear representation of what really happens to our coastal dunes when people walk off track.

We realised that we had only modelled half of the vegetation of the sand dune. We can only ever see a small proportion of a living plant, the other half is hidden under the ground in roots. We had forgotten to place anything inside our sand dune to model the complex and intertwining root systems that act like a net, giving sand dunes strength and holding them together.

 model dune

Change of Season

In my mind today was like the 1st day of autumn. Our prolonged summer had finally come to an end, and quite a violent one at that. The day before had seen very strong and gusty northerly winds and hot temperatures. A cool change wiped it away and we had our coldest night, complete with dew in the morning and crisp, glassy ocean conditions – truly autumn.

To end today all the kids started a scrapbook to document their experiences in the program so far, something that will be continued each week from now on.


We’ll be meeting again weekly in Term 2, and encourage Anglesea families to join us each week on Tuesdays at 4pm. For more details please email

Until next time,

Possum Pete


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