New propagation centre thrives

Construction of ANGAIR’s new plant propagation centre at the Anglesea Community Precinct is now complete, with the official opening scheduled for early May.

The environmental volunteer group moved into their new purpose designed and built plant propagation centre after more than 12 years on private properties near Red Rocks and Paraparap.

New propagation Centre 6 Apr 2017 (38)

The new facilities will help grow plant species that are indigenous to the Surf Coast and the Anglesea Heathlands area and focus on difficult to grow plants.

The centre comprises of a propagation shed, greenhouse and outdoor plant tables. The native cypress fence is a special feature with recycled timber used as much as possible in the building.

New propagation Centre 6 Apr 2017 (10)New propagation Centre 6 Apr 2017 (9)

The new propagation centre was purpose built and designed by Nick Walters with construction by Jerrard Byrne and the team at Creations in Parallel and includes disabled access from the Community House carpark.

The new site is located behind the Memorial Hall and adjacent to the ANGAIR office and is leased from the Surf Coast Shire.

New propagation Centre 6 Apr 2017 (16)New propagation Centre 6 Apr 2017 (25)

ANGAIR President Peter Forster said the group was very grateful to the Shire for managing a smooth pathway through the planning process and requirements.

“The centre has been primarily funded through specific donations by ANGAIR members and the ANGAIR fund. We were successful in securing some additional funds for equipment from Surf Coast Shire and Great Ocean Road Coast Committee grant programs,” he said.

New propagation Centre 6 Apr 2017 (21)

The propagation centre provides interesting opportunities for members to participate in plant identification, seed collection, seed storage and propagation activities.

Great Ocean Road Coast Committee Conservation Supervisor Georgie Beale said the propagation centre was a huge asset for the Anglesea community and environment.

“I have created a list of ‘impossible’ to grow plants which ANGAIR has been working on, experimenting with how to germinate the seeds and repopulate these species in the natural environment.

New propagation Centre 6 Apr 2017 (1)

“ANGAIR’s propagation centre has helped supply difficult to grow indigenous plants which have been used in coastal projects to help maintain Anglesea’s rich biodiversity,” she said.

ANGAIR provides plants for schools in the area and other community projects and are also available at the Anglesea Riverbank markets at Easter and November, and the annual ANGAIR Wildflower and Art weekend in September.

New propagation Centre 6 Apr 2017 (26)

The propagation centre is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9am and 12 noon and is staffed by about 25 volunteer members of ANGAIR who carry out a wide range of tasks.

“It’s a fantastic space and we are now able to accommodate and welcome more volunteers, especially on the new Tuesday session,” Mr Forster said.

To get involved with ANGAIR, or find out more about their activities go to

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