Vandals trash Jan Juc woodland

The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee is calling on the community to help put an end to the damage caused by illegal party sites in threatened Moonah woodlands along the coastal clifftops at Jan Juc.

Illegal access and campfires were again discovered in the sensitive vegetation, causing significant environmental damage in the protected area and placing lives at risk.

steps party site may 17 (3)
The debris and rubbish left behind.

Great Ocean Road Coast’s Coastal Reserves Manager Caleb Hurrell is urging the community to report any sightings of people illegally accessing these protected areas.

“It’s disrespectful to everyone the community when we have to clean up after these acts of mindless vandalism,” said Mr Hurrell.  “We’re asking the community to help us catch these vandals, and dob in a dill.”

Mr Hurrell said environmental vandals had illegally entered the protected areas, broken Moonah tree limbs, forged tracks, littering and discarded chairs and lit dangerous campfires.

steps party site may 17 (10)
Remains of the illegal fire that was started in the Moonah woodlands.

“Groups like Jan Juc Coast Action and schools through our environmental education programs have put so much effort into caring for this area for the benefit of ours and future generations,” said Mr Hurrell.  “In the interest of public safety and preserving our iconic coastal environment, we need to work together to help stamp out this destructive behaviour.”

steps party site may 17 (12)
Caleb and Georgie remove the structure and clear the area to help protect the natural environment.

Moonah woodlands play an important role in protecting the cliffs and sensitive coastal environment from erosion while providing shelter for many of our unique native plants and animals.

The area has a recent history of environmental damage, with evidence of a series of illegal campsites discovered, including an unattended campfire in October last year.

Please report all sightings of illegal access to these areas to the Great Ocean Road Coast office on 03 5220 5055. If you see a fire or believe there is risk to human life, please call 000 immediately.

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