Students rally to restore Spring Creek

Following a series of environmental vandalism acts at Spring Creek in March this year, Year 9 students from the Coast Guardians Program have returned to the site to help restore the riparian habitat along the creek.

As part of World Environment Day we take a look into how our students are connecting with nature.

IMG_1422Students from Surf Coast Secondary College have been working at this site for more than 8 years to help improve the biodiversity and habitats for local animals.


Hundreds of indigenous sea berry salt bush and knobby club rush along with eight coastal Moonahs were replanted at the site last week to provide additional ground cover.

Great Ocean Road Coast’s Education Leader for the Coast Guardians Program Hilary Bouma said it was fantastic to see the students determination to restore the area and their commitment to promoting positive environmental messages among their peers.

“It was a real shame to see the destruction along Spring Creek at the start of the year, but it’s wonderful to see these students take the project on and see the importance of protecting our ecosystem first hand.

“It’s a community effort to protect our coastal landscape, and it’s fantastic to see students enthusiastically giving back to the environment,” she said.

Great Ocean Road Coast’s environmental education program focuses on fostering environmental stewardship in the next generation of coastal protectors through hands-on, practical learning.

Environment and Education Manager Katie Dolling said it was important to connect students physically to the environment and give them a sense of purpose and achievement.

“World Environment Day encourages everyone to get outdoors and into nature, and that’s a core principal for all our education programs.

“We believe that getting outdoors and showing students how small actions can make huge differences to the health of the environment is a great way to promote positive environmental messages.

“Despite the devastating damage earlier in the year, students from Surf Coast Secondary College have rallied to improve the biodiversity in the area once again, showing a steadfast attitude for environmental protection,” she said.

Coast Guardians is a free program Great Ocean Road Coast conducts to help increase environmental awareness while examining coastal issues and encouraging social responsibility and environmental stewardship. For more on our education programs visit our website.

Read the blog from the start of the year to see the fantastic progress Surf Coast Secondary has completed in the area here.


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