Fresh Air Kids – Term 2 | Week 4

The Fresh Air Kids is a group of local families that want their children to spend time in the great outdoors, learning through playing in nature.

A community partnership with the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee, Fresh Air Kids aims to encourage local coastal kids to grow up observing the environment in more detail than even most adults do.

Date | 16.05.2017 – Anglesea River Mouth

Today we joined with the Business and Tourism Traders of Anglesea (BATA) for a clean-up Australia day spectacular. The kids got right into the spirit of cleaning up a stretch of the river, looking carefully through the reeds and finding all the small pieces of plastic that had accumulated there.

BATA President Raylene Fordham was appreciative of the community support from all ages and said it was great to have the kids along to lend a hand.


The rubbish next to the river was a clear demonstration of the pathway that plastic often takes. From a person on land, to a waterway, and then into the ocean. We collected a big bag full of plastic that would have otherwise found its way to the ocean, so we felt great about that.


We spoke about how plastic can enter the ocean and the danger it causes to our precious marine life. Animals often mistake the plastic for food, or get entangled by it leaving them in serious trouble.

Plastic takes a very long time to break down, and the chemicals it contains will remain in the ocean for even longer. Plastic in the ocean really is bad news and our Fresh Air Kids are helping prevent it!2

After our clean-up, BATA had a delicious BBQ for us which we really enjoyed, and there is always time to have some fun and climb a tree or two.

Until next time,

Possum Pete.

Want to get involved? We meet weekly on Tuesdays at 4pm and explore all the wonders and joys of our fantastic coastline. For more details please email Pete at Can’t wait to see you there!

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