Rubbish dumped at Torquay’s Taylor Park

Great Ocean Road Coast Committee staff were left frustrated after a small truck load of rubbish and debris was illegally dumped on the Beach Road side of Taylor Park last night.

Discarded pieces of concrete, bricks and other building supplies were left in Taylor Park on top of mulch and dirt piles the Great Ocean Road Coast use to improve the vegetation at the popular park area.

Great Ocean Road Coast Coastal Reserves Manager Caleb Hurrell said he was disappointed at the lack of regard the culprit has for public spaces and the environment.

“Illegal rubbish dumping is a major problem with our staff regularly cleaning up rubbish that has been left behind on Crown land.

Leading Hand John Fawcett checks the debris for asbestos or any dangerous items.

“It’s a shame to see such a blatant disregard for the correct disposal of waste and building refuse, creating an unfair burden on land managers to remove the environmental hazard.

“We would much rather invest our time and money into improving the coast with our conservation and education programs between Torquay and Lorne than clean up illegally dumped rubbish.”

Bricks, concrete blocks and other building debris was discarded at the popular Taylor Park reserve.

If anyone has any information regarding any illegal rubbish dumping on the coast, please contact the Great Ocean Road Coast on 03 5220 5055 or

Great Ocean Road Coast is a not-for-profit organisation that manages 37km of Crown land reserves between Torquay and Lorne. All dollars raised through commercial operations is reinvested back into the coastal reserves, caravan parks, and community.

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