The adventures of Rusty Swordfish

Plastic pollution is no joke, Education Coordinator Hilary Bouma said as she forwards the video of Rusty Swordfish and the latest marine debris film by Jarrod Boord.

“Plastic pollution is not something to laugh about, but we need to get the message out there and start getting people talking about the small actions we can all take everyday to help protect our planet.

“This short film by Jarrod takes an unconventional look into the world of marine debris in an attempt to get plastic pollution noticed,” she said.

Take a look at this not-so-normal beachcomb by Rusty Swordfish.

Want to help out? Find out how you can make some simple swaps in your life everyday here. 

Already swapping single use for sustainable? Join one our amazing local volunteer groups today and make an active, noticeable difference in our coastal landscape today! All the details on our website.

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