Coast Guardians clean up the coast

Coast Guardians from Geelong Lutheran College have recently collected rubbish from the dunes at Whites Beach, Torquay.

Asides from helping to clean up the coastline and prevent marine debris from impacting our precious wildlife, the aim of the day was to collect data for the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) database. The AMDI works with industry and government to create change on a larger scale, and aims to work on solutions to stop the flow of litter at the source.

Once the rubbish is collected, students sort the rubbish into categories, and fill out a Tangaroa Blue Foundation data collection sheet. This information will be sent to the AMDI database for analysis, and to assess the primary causes behind the litter.

Students assess rubbish collected

The results from the day were interesting. Of concern were the many bits of tiny plastic floating around the bush, which will inevitably wash into the ocean to negatively impact on marine life.

Also concerning, were the 40 dog poo bags found, many with dog poo inside, that had carelessly been thrown into the bushes beside the path. Furthermore, 66 cigarette butts were counted, as well as 13 empty cigarette packets near a seat on a Whites Beach pathway.

Our Coast Guardians message to you is that next time you’re enjoying the beach, please make sure that you take your rubbish with you, as well as ‘Take 3 for the Sea’ to help keep our lovely beaches and paths clean.

Coast Guardians is a free program Great Ocean Road Coast conducts to help increase environmental awareness while examining coastal issues and encouraging social responsibility and environmental stewardship. For more on our education programs visit our website.

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