Save the date – Dog’s breakfasts for Hoodie Protection

The Friends of the Hooded Plover Surf Coast are holding four “dog’s breakfasts” to help spread the word about Hooded Plover protections on the Surf Coast.

Supported by representatives from Coastcare, Park Victoria, Birdlife Australia and the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee, the events are open to anyone who would like to learn more about efforts to protect the threatened Hooded Plover.

The Hooded Plover (aka ‘Hoodie’) is a little Aussie shorebird that faces many threats to its survival, including the disturbance of its beach nests by dogs and people. In Victoria, Hooded Plovers are classed as a vulnerable species.

Friends of the Hooded Plover, Surf Coast’s Sue Guinness said the four FREE breakfasts were funded through the Victorian Government’s Coastcare Grants.

“Come along to a FREE breakfast, learn about the threatened Hooded Plover, responsible dog walking, and how you can help the local Hoodies breeding on our beaches,” said Ms Guinness.  “There will be give-aways for all – even the dog!”

Events will be held at:

  • Urquhart Bluff, Aireys Inlet 6 January 8.00 – 10.00
  • Fishermans Beach, Torquay 9 January 7.00 – 9.00
  • Point Roadknight Back Beach at  11 January 7.00 – 9.00
  • Inlet Beach, Airey Inlet 13 January – 7.00 -9.00

Want to get more actively involved? The Friends of the Hooded Plover Surf Coast are looking for more volunteers.  To volunteer, contact Birdlife Australia at:

Shorebird Protection Zone Trial

There is currently a Shorebird Protection Zone Trial at Point Impossible.  For further information and to provide feedback visit the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee at

Dogs Breakfast Urquart 060118 (002)

One thought on “Save the date – Dog’s breakfasts for Hoodie Protection

  • For the 3rd consecutive occasion, today I sadly witnessed senseless destruction of our fragile sand dunes just east of Moggs Creek. Total ignorance and disregard by visiting beach walkers. These overindulged kids & irresponsible adults are not the slightest bit aware or concerned for the protection of the Hooded Plovers nor the preservation of the vegetation and dunes (what’s left of ’em).This behaviour cannot be tolerated and so I for one just can’t walk past without a stern word (with hope of educating the mindless). But I/we can’t do it alone! I’m frustrated by these 5 minute visitors leaving their profound, unhelpful and permanently damaging foot prints. I/we just can’t look the other way.

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