Dogs’ breakfasts’ success as community takes the pledge to help Hoodies

The Friends of the Hooded Plover Surf Coast (FoHPSC) have successfully delivered four “dogs’ breakfasts” to help spread the word about Hooded Plover protections on the Surf Coast.

Friends of the Hooded Plover, Surf Coast’s Sue Guinness said the breakfasts received great support from the community and dog owners who attended the breakfasts to hear more about responsible dog ownership and how we can all help the plight of the Hooded Plover.

“It was fantastic to see so many people attend the breakfasts on the Surf Coast at Aireys Inlet, Urquhart Bluff, Anglesea and Torquay and take the voluntary pledge to help the Hooded Plover, as it is about learning to share the beach with our wildlife,” said Ms Guinness.

Ms Guinness said the four breakfasts were funded through the Victorian Government’s Coastcare Grants.

“We received great support from representatives from Coastcare, the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee, Parks Victoria and Birdlife Australia.  Special thanks also goes to all the Friends of the Hooded Plover Surf Coast volunteers for their support in delivering the events. Volunteers are doing an amazing job in helping educate and change beach-users’ behaviour to give our Hoodies the best possible chance of survival”.

The Hooded Plover (aka ‘Hoodie’) is a little Aussie shorebird that faces many threats to its survival, including the disturbance of its beach nests by dogs and people. In Victoria, Hooded Plovers are classed as a vulnerable species.


It is hoodie nesting season on the Surf Coast! We currently have two active nests at Pt Roadnight, one with three eggs and one with a single egg.  Both of these hoodie pairs have had failed nests earlier in the season.  Unfortunately, recently the nest at Whites Beach, Torquay and the chicks at Aireys Inlet failed. Hopefully the pairs will nest again.

There are two chicks at Hutt Gully which are being watched over very carefully by their parents and the FoHPSC volunteers.

During this time please give the hoodies plenty of space by walking on the water’s edge, and keep dogs on lead in signed areas – hooded plovers are easily frightened and our presence can interfere with feeding and the protection of their nests. #savethehoodie

Want to get more actively involved? The Friends of the Hooded Plover Surf Coast are looking for more volunteers.  To volunteer, contact Birdlife Australia at:

Media enquiries: David Petty – 0437 557 960

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