Jan Juc Coast Action spreads word on Gazania weed hazard

Have you seen this weed?  That’s what Jan Juc Coast Action volunteers and the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee staff are asking the public as they up the ante to eliminate the highly invasive South African weed Gazania from the Jan Juc cliffs, other public spaces and hopefully people’s gardens.

Jan Juc Coast Action member Graeme Stockton said Gazania was notoriously difficult to control once established.

“People will soon see Gazania sandwich boards and other alerts informing them of the threat this weed poses.  Our advice is: don’t purchase it, don’t plant it, and for anyone who has it in their gardens we ask that they dig it out making sure they get the roots.”

Great Ocean Road Coast Conservation Supervisor Evan Francis said Jan Juc Coast Action had been restoring the indigenous vegetation of the Jan Juc coastal cliff top for over 25 years.

“We’re supporting Jan Juc Coast Action’s work to eliminate threats to the coastal cliff top ecosystem wherever we can.  They are a great example of what good people working together can achieve for the coastline and community.”

Mr Francis said one way to help control and assist in the eradication of Gazania, and give back to the coast, was to get involved with the group.

WHEN: 10am – 12pm, first Sunday of every month

WHERE: Jan Juc cliff top car parks (Bird Rock, Little Rock)

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself, your family, your friends – Jan Juc Coast Action will supply everything else (including morning tea).

For more information on getting involved call Luke Hynes on 0406 113 438.

The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee is a not-for- profit organisation that manages 37km of public land and coastline from Torquay to Lorne.  All dollars raised through its commercial operations are reinvested back into the coastal environment, caravan parks and the community. Visit us at www.gorcc.com.au

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