Anglesea boardwalk borders on completion

Works are well underway for the brand new Anglesea boardwalk at Demons Bluff. Coursing over the unique Anglesea heathland, the boardwalk will make up a 180m section of the 44km Surf Coast Walk, which stretches from Fairhaven to Point Impossible.

Following an engineer’s report, which revealed that cracks in the side of the cliff represented a risk to visitors, the track was re-routed in the interests of visitor safety. The boardwalk will jointly protect the fragile heathland, as well as enhance the visitor experience.

Great Ocean Road Coast’s conservation team, alongside local ANGAIR volunteers, readied the area for construction by ensuring all sensitive plant species had been relocated and removing any necessary vegetation for construction.

In respect for the sensitive ecosystem, the contractors from EcoProjects are using a custom-made dolly to transport the deck sections along the boardwalk. The dolly has an in-built block and tackle  / gantry for lowering each segment into position, which allows each section to roll over the top of existing sections of boardwalk to minimise environmental footprint.

The EcoProjects team have said that working at Demons Bluff has been one of the best environments they’ve worked in with the view of the ocean and nature surrounding them. Soon this biodiversity-rich habitat will again be enjoyed by all, with works on the boardwalk expected to be completed next month.

The $257,000 project is jointly funded with $110,000 from the state government and $147,000 from the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee. The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee is working with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and local conservation group ANGAIR to ensure minimal disturbance to the heathland during construction.

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