Stopping litter in its tracks

Great Ocean Road Coast’s conservation team recently undertook works to address an old overgrown drain at Torquay’s back beach, emptying into the sea near Voss’ car park.

Conservation Worker Scott Hives set about designing a solution.

‘We needed an innovative solution to prevent rubbish flowing into the sea’.

His first infrastructure design project, Scott carefully considered the site and came up with a design that is sympathetic to the environment but effectively captures waste. With the help of a civil engineer, Scott’s waste trap design does not require digging to construct, is easy to empty, and will handle a lot more waste than is anticipated to flow through the site.

The waste trap system will make a big difference to the amount of litter flowing out to sea in this area, and it is hoped that the design may be replicated at other coastal sites around Australia to help to stem the flow of waste from storm-water drains to our precious waterways.

Great Ocean Road Coast’s conservation team has recently completed the installation of the litter trap. With all ground works now complete the site has been cleared of weeds and revegetated with indigenous ground covers and shrubs to restore the area’s native plant species.

To learn more about the conservation works undertaken by the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee, visit our website:

Design for the litter catchment system to be fitted onto the drain opening at Voss’ car park, Torquay.
Drain at Voss'
The original storm-water drain once hidden by overgrowth.
photo 4
Foundations for drain construction in progress.
photo 7
The new drain during construction.
photo 13
New drain outlet and revegetation at Voss’ car park.
photo 14
The drain post construction with litter trap securely in place.

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