Fence a win for environmental and cultural heritage conservation

Under the guidance of Wadawurrung (Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation), a rabbit proof fence has recently been installed by the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC).

A win for both environmental and cultural heritage conservation, the fence is designed to disrupt destructive rabbit activity in and around Whites Beach, Torquay.

The fence is positioned between an area known as ‘the gap’ along the gravel section of the Esplanade down to the Point Impossible Nude Beach.

The fence forms part of an integrated rabbit control program developed to support and restore ecological processes and preserve the integrity of culturally sensitive sites.

Pegging down the wire mesh curtain to halt rabbit movement

Rabbits can have a devastating effect on biodiversity as seedling growth is limited and only some species survive. Rabbit warrens can also be particularly destructive to important heritage sites. It is anticipated that the works will help protect native vegetation and prevent damage to neighbouring properties.

The $40,000 project, funded by GORCC’s Capital Works program, replaces existing fences that had reached the end of their useful life.

GORCC will continue to work with adjacent land managers and monitor rabbit numbers to determine the effectiveness of the management program.

The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee

The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee is a State Government body responsible for protecting, enhancing, and developing coastal Crown land from Point Impossible to Cumberland River.