About the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee

The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee is a Crown land Committee of Management established under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978.

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In essence, we are a small community-based, not-for-profit organisation established by the Victorian Government in August 2004 and formally incorporated in March 2005. We’re small, comprising 12 voluntary committee members (appointed by the Minster for the Environment and Climate Change) along with some 30 permanent employees.


We manage 37 kilometres of coastal Crown Land reserves along Victoria’s iconic Great Ocean Road, from Point Impossible east of Torquay to Cumberland River southwest of Lorne.

Area of Management

Our responsibilities extend to the Port of Lorne, Taylor Park in central Torquay and Queens Park in Lorne, and include:

  • Building and maintaining a wide range of facilities, assets and infrastructure – from artwork to zebra (pedestrian) crossings
  • Operating caravan parks in Torquay and Lorne, and managing the leases for two others (privately operated)
  • issuing leases, licences and permits for various commercial and one-off activities and events on the coast
  • Undertaking weed eradication and other programs to protect the sensitive coastal environment, and
  • contributing to the area’s overall amenity in any number of ways, including removing rubbish from beaches and coastal reserves.

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We design and deliver a diverse range of projects that aim to:

  • protect and enhance the coast’s natural and cultural values
  • sensitively manage the impacts of recreation and tourism, and/or
  • provide opportunities for recreation and tourism.

Much of our work is undertaken in partnership with the State Government, Surf Coast Shire Council, other agencies, volunteers and the local community. We undertake a range of communication activities focused on building and maintaining effective partnerships, and on educating  and engaging people in caring for the coast.


In terms of funding, we currently generate around $5 million in revenue annually with 80 per cent coming from our two caravan parks while important secondary income sources include our licence, lease and permit system, and coastal reserve operations. We expend about $4 million on operating the caravan parks and caring for the coast with the remainder (often supplemented by grants income) used for key projects and environmental work.

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As a Crown land Committee of Management, the committee has broad powers to manage the coastal land reserved for public purposes on the Crown’s behalf. The area we manage was previously managed by five separate foreshore committees of management (Torquay, Anglesea, Airey’s Inlet, Fairhaven and Lorne).

Visit www.gorcc.com.au to learn more about who we are and what we do!

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