Call for caution around coastal cliffs

Authorities are calling for beach visitors to exercise caution after recent cliff collapses at Jan Juc and Aireys Inlet, with undercutting and rainfall making the areas more unstable.

Great Ocean Road Coast Committee Coastal Reserves Manager Caleb Hurrell said this time of year was known for cliff movement due to the fluctuation in soil conditions.

“Coastal erosion and cliff falls are natural processes, which are more likely to occur when the weather changes as the ground has dried up from summer and is now shifting after recent rainfall.


“We urge visitors to stay on designated tracks and respect the signs and fenced off areas for their own safety.

“People are placing themselves in danger by entering fenced off areas, disobeying signs, risking death or serious injury,” he said.

“It is concerning to see party areas and evidence of people entering the fenced off clifftop areas, which are the most susceptible to collapse.

Great Ocean Road Coast Environment and Education Manager Katie Dolling said ongoing cliff monitoring and geotechnical investigations are being undertaken to assess future cliff risks.


“We are working with our partners at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Parks Victoria and Surf Coast Shire to develop a cliff monitoring program to assess the ongoing risks around cliffs along the Great Ocean Road,” she said.

The fallen rocks will remain at the base of the cliff to help stabilise the area and protect other undercut sections.

“We remind beachgoers not to climb on these fallen rocks, or go near undercut cliff areas for their own safety,” Mr Hurrell said.

Great Ocean Road Coast will continue to reduce the risk to the public in these areas including providing hazard warning signs, fencing and revegetation programs.

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