Surfrider community clean up for Jan Juc

The Surfrider Foundation, and Plastic Bay Free Torquay recently worked together to conduct a Jan Juc litter blitz, uncovering some interesting items of rubbish along the way. Volunteers from and members from the local community helped collect 25 large bags of litter – litter that would otherwise be left to impact our oceans. Items collected … Read more Surfrider community clean up for Jan Juc

Plants, plants and more plants – 18,000 of them!

Great Ocean Road Coast’s conservation team have been tirelessly planting throughout the winter months.  Approximately 18,000 plants have gone in the ground at sites all along the coast, from Torquay to Lorne. The major areas of concentration have been along Deep Creek in Torquay, Soapy Rocks in Anglesea, Queens Park in Lorne, and Eagle Rock Parade … Read more Plants, plants and more plants – 18,000 of them!

140kgs rubbish removed

An estimated 140kgs of rubbish was removed from Spring Creek, Torquay over the weekend thanks to a team of 42 volunteers. Surfrider Foundation Surf Coast together with the Torquay Boardriders Club spent the Sunday afternoon retrieving bikes, cigarette butts and plastics from the waterways.

Do your bit for the coast this weekend

Hundreds of volunteers regularly dedicate their time and energy into helping protect, preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the Great Ocean Road’s flora and fauna every month, including members from the Surfrider Foundation.

Education is key

Education is the most important tool when it comes to fighting the ongoing battle with litter. With more than 270,000 tonnes of rubbish polluting the oceans and more than 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic, it is no wonder rubbish is a lethal threat to marine animals. The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC) conservation staff … Read more Education is key

Don’t be a butt with your cigarette!

How many times have you sat on the beach and found yourself surrounded by cigarette butts? Cigarette butts continue to be the main source of rubbish found on our Surf Coast – a disappointing result considering the Surf Coast Shire was the first municipality to ban smoking on its beaches. In 2008, cigarette butts made up 30 per … Read more Don’t be a butt with your cigarette!

Illegal dumping damages sensitive coast

Rubbish is being illegally dumped on our beaches and coastal reserves, causing harm to the environment and threatening coastal flora and fauna. Great Ocean Road Coast Committee (GORCC), Outdoor Works Supervisor , Phil Brown, said illegal rubbish dumping was a regular occurrence on the Surf Coast and that sometimes people were unaware they were breaking … Read more Illegal dumping damages sensitive coast

Saving your health and your environment

While steps have been taken to reduce smoking on our beautiful beaches, we still need to work together to keep them smoke and cigarette butt free. The Surf Coast has some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia which attract  millions of visitors each year.  Surf Coast beaches provide an important social and recreational outlet … Read more Saving your health and your environment